This is not a boat accident. And it wasn’t any propeller; and it wasn’t any coral reef; and it wasn’t Jack the Ripper. It was a shark.

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Elephant Raju Cries After Being Rescued From 50 Years Of Suffering In Chains 

This heartbreaking story is about as elephant Raju from India that had an incredibly rough life. After being poached from his mother he was thrown from one owner to another, until he was left living in terrible conditions with no shelter at night, being used as a beggars prop all day long. Raju survived only from passing tourists and sometimes had to eat plastic and paper while being chained 24 hours a day. A wildlife organisation SOS-UK could not stand the injustice and decided to save him in a daring midnight rescue operation.

The elephant, realizing he was being saved, started to cry: “It was incredibly emotional. We knew in our hearts he realised he was being freed” – claims Pooja Binepal, one of the rescuers in an interview with Presspeople. “Tears began to roll down Raju’s face. Some no doubt were due to the pain but he also seemed to sense that change was coming. He felt hope for the first time” – says another rescuer Kartick.

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Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler and Matt Bomer star in this science fiction spoof that io9 calls “equal parts Anchorman and 2001: A Space Odyssey”. Sold? Then check out the trailer for this raucous space comedy, the first feature film from actor/director Jack Plotnick.

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This is possibly the manliest scene in movie history!

Reenact it with your bros of any gender today!

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Marvel vs DC

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Ah Firefly…you are missed


Ah Firefly…you are missed

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210 Sq. Ft. Modern Treehouse Tiny Home


210 Sq. Ft. Modern Treehouse Tiny Home


This 210 square feet modern treehouse tiny home by Baumraum architects.

The reason it was built was for a group of scouts in the area so they can camp and stay in it on the almke camp site.

Before you even get up to the cabin using the staircase you notice there are two micro structures separated by a common outdoor deck area.

And each one is slightly different in terms of elevation (see what I…

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The coolest scene of all the Star Wars movies!

fact: boba fett is a mad playa 



The coolest scene of all the Star Wars movies!

fact: boba fett is a mad playa 

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Man’s greatest invention. [video]


Crying because this actually happened, and I am so happy.

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Lizzy Caplan - Variety - June 2014

Lizzy Caplan - Variety - June 2014

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